Our Training

January 28, 2021
Every course we offer is always bespoke, affordable and tailored to your needs. Our most popular is our six hour driver training and our intensive driving courses. We also have a high demand for our mock tests and theory training, All of our driver training and mock tests are held at our training centre in Harrow & Wealdstone. Here we offer light refreshments and learning materials as part of our packages, and will endeavour to accommodate any learning difficulties.Ready to pass? LEARN TO DRIVE & PASS YOUR TEST WITH US Our driver training programs are suitable for people who have never driven before. We use a systematic step-by-step programme that is designed to take the panic and confusion out of practice and enable you to reduce the overall cost of lessons through more effective use of your time. This training programme can be taken as a 2hour lesson or as an intensive course, which will last a week. We also offer packages of 6 and 12 hours. Our driver training programs is conducted by a professional driving instructor who has the prescribed materials and tools which is especially effective for complex topics. Our instructors are in the passenger seat and are ready to answer particular questions; nudge learner drivers towards the use of necessary resources and they will implement a training style in a manner that learner drivers are able to learn effectively in their practice sessions.

Posted in The Driver by Myewelily Kareen Kezia Malcolm